Rick Baril

Special guest

Rick Baril graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in Landscape Architecture in 1981. Rick worked at a Landscape Architectural design/build firm during college and following graduation.
In 1982 he joined von Hagge & Devlin. Becoming a Registered Landscape Architect in 1983, Rick simultaneously assumed increased responsibilities with various U.S. projects.
When von Hagge, Smelek and Baril ventured into the European market in 1986, Rick was designated project architect and he has been responsible for the design of all vHS&B courses in Europe.
In 1994, Robert von Hagge invited Rick to become a partner and owner in von Hagge, Smelek and Baril. In Europe, Rick’s efforts helped von Hagge, Smelek and Baril garner a nomination for the Gold Medal Award for European Excellence. The Puegeot golf guide of “France’s Finest Golf Courses” listed von Hagge designed courses in the #1, #2, #3 and #4 positions (out of more than 350 golf courses).

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