Lawrence Donegan

Special guest

Lawrence Donegan is a long-time observer of the world of golf, having written about the game from the vantage point of fan, participant, newspaper correspondent and now co-founder of the literary golf journal, McKellar. He is an average player and below-average caddy, as was clear from his chronicle of a year as a bagman on the European Tour. His book, Four-Iron in the Soul, remains in print twenty years after it was first released and was the winner of the USGA’s Herbert Warren Wind Award for golf book of the year. Donegan spent seven years as the golf correspondent of the Guardian newspaper in England during which time he antagonised countless people he wrote about, from players to equipment manufacturers to administrators. He is proud to say that when he left the full-time golf beat no-one from the R&A or the European said they were sorry to see him go.

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