Keith Cutten

Special guest

Keith Cutten is a Canadian golf course architect and builder but, much more than that, he is an avid fan and student of the game and its playing fields. While crafting a thesis for his Masters degree in Landscape Architecture, Cutten realised there was more to the history of course design than just the men and women doing the designing and that influences from far beyond golf have been at play in the shaping the game's layouts for hundreds of years. The result is his new book - The Evolution Of Golf Course Design - a fascinating, entertaining and educational look at how golf courses have been influenced by individuals and events over history. The book is not only a great insight into history but also a guide for the future as the game wrestles with questions about the roel of technology and the environment on how it may look into the future. Personally signed copies of the book are available from Keith's website until January and beyond that it will be available from Amazon.

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