Jay Revell

Special guest

My name is Jay Revell and I consider myself a golf scribe. I’ve been infatuated with golf since my Grandfather placed my hands to a club not long after I first learned to walk. Golf has always held a special place in my life, yet it was only recently that I felt compelled to write about the game. I’ve always loved golf and I’ve always loved to write, but I never thought to write about golf. That all changed when I started to travel and seek out new venues to explore the depths of the game I love.

Traveling has a way of bringing out who we really are. I believe that I was a golf writer all along, but I just didn’t know it. The first time I sat down to compose some words about a golf trip was when I discovered the whispers of my inner voice. Since that day my golfing soul has been in a constant dialogue with my writer’s brain and every so often they team up to construct a few sentences of meaning.

What began as some simple phrases with no destination in mind has now become a business for me. I have been fortunate to work for a handful of thoughtful clients and help craft stories about golf that compel people to contemplate how the game can better shape their lives. Golf is a journey inward, but it’s greatest discoveries can only occur by venturing outward from the mundane. It’s my hope to be a guide for that odyssey.

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