Darius Oliver

Special guest

Darius Oliver is an Australian golf course designer best known as the Author and Publisher of the Planet Golf series of books and as a designer of the Cape Wickham Links on King Island in Tasmania. He designed the wonderful new par three course at The Hills Golf Club in New Zealand, and is currently working on a spectacular clifftop golf course on Kangaroo Island.

Oliver also provides independent consultancy services, where he works with golf clubs and development clients to establish overall design and project goals and then an appropriate short-list of candidate golf architects. His personal design involvement is limited to projects of significance, be they sandy, coastal sites, short courses or important restoration/redesign projects.

Oliver is not an architect and, unusually for a golf course designer, chooses to not work actively on projects that are outside his specialized skill set. He will often advise clients on which other design and architecture teams are best suited for their particular project. With unsurpassed expertise in the area of golf course design, and direct knowledge of the world’s best/worst examples of golf architecture, Oliver is uniquely placed to be able to offer valuable and insightful advice.

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