Colton Craig

Special guest

Golf course architecture has been a passion of mine my entire life. My old files are filled with golf courses I drew starting at the age of five. I read every book on the topic I can find, and study/walk golf courses religiously. As a young man I started in the industry as an apprentice to a golf architect in my home town. After learning the basic principles of routing and how to read topography maps, I wanted to get my hands dirty. Over the next couple of years I worked on various maintenance and construction crews to learn the mechanics and operations of a golf course. Determined to continue my dream, I went to Oklahoma State University to get a degree in Landscape Architecture. From there I was able to acquire internships with golf architects around the country. Upon graduation, I was hired as a design associate by a highly regarded golf architect in Oklahoma. During these experiences I was exposed to all facets of the design process and different project types including renovations, restorations, and new courses. I am now the owner of Colton Craig Design and continue to pursue excellence in my passion of golf architecture.

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