Brett Hochstein

Special guest

Since first being introduced to the game at age 4, architect Brett Hochstein has loved golf, or more specifically, golf courses. Through playing golf, collecting scorecards, and drawing golf holes at that young age, Brett decided very early on that he wanted to be a golf course architect. He followed that path by obtaining a landscape architecture degree from Cornell University, spending a year studying greenkeeping at the Home of Golf in Scotland, reading numerous books on golf architecture, and learning how to build golf courses hands-on with some of the best design teams in the business.

After spending over two years with Tom Doak of Renaissance Golf Design, Brett set out on his own to form Hochstein Design, LLC in January 2014. He has since worked on a number of projects all over the world, including Europe, South America, and back here in the USA. Many of the more recent jobs have taken place in California and include such projects as Saticoy and Redlands down in Southern California and Orinda Country Club here in the East Bay. He has served as an important person on the ground on all of these jobs, handling critical shaping duties of key features, offering real-time design input, and making sure all of the moving parts of the project are running smoothly.

Our operation is based in Walnut Creek, CA, and while the core of the company is architect Brett Hochstein, we also work closely with other architects, shapers, superintendents, agronomists, and builders, all of which provide a pool of resources to tackle issues as well as expand our operation as needed for larger projects.

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