Ep 51: ISG Book Club - The Eternal Summer (Pt2)

Episode 51 · March 29th, 2018 · 1 hr 6 mins

About this Episode

Welcome to Part Two of the ISG Book Club - The Eternal Summer. So good is Curt Sampson's 1992 book about the 1960 golf season that hosts Rod Morri, Adrian Logue and Mike Clayton couldn't fit a breakdown of it into one episode so here we are with part two. When we finished part one the book was about to delve into what many consider to be the greatest US Open in history followed by an extraordinary Open Championship at St Andrews and the season ending PGA at Firestone. But the book, and this conversation, are about far more than simply those events. Find out why some Australian pros called Kel Nagle 'The Undertaker' and how the course at Firestone Country Club came to be the poster child for an era of design now frowned upon. We hope you enjoy part two of The Eternal Summer.