Ep 39: The Uber Of Golf

Episode 39 · January 8th, 2018 · 50 mins 47 secs

About this Episode

"Golf is the only game that you can't decide beforehand how long you want to play for. We're changing that." So says Pascal Stolz, CEO of eGull Pay golf, a radical and fascinating concept where golfers get to pay by the hole for the amount they play. Pascal has a long history in both golf and technology and brings the two together in a way that could well change the way we think about consuming the game.

Also, this week sees the launch of the ISGPod Book Club where we'll delve into various areas of the game and industry that is golf. Episode One will be out the week of Jan 30 and the book we'll be looking at is Geoff Shackelford's Grounds For Golf, an excellent introduction into the world of golf course architecture and the impact it has on the game. For those interested in coming along for the ride on this adventure, you can download the book here.