Ep 36: Bryden Macpherson's agonising Euro Tour near miss

Episode 36 · December 4th, 2017 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

Bryden Macpherson's second ISG Podcast appearance is as entertaining as his first, the 27-year-old again showing remarkable insight and maturity despite a heartbreaking close call at qualifying for next year's European Tour. Bryden finished second on the China Tour money list by less than $160 Australian, enough to mean the difference between a trip to the world's second richest Tour and another year toiling on the world's smaller circuits. But with a healthy dose of perspective Bryden has already shrugged off the disappointment and not only is he already looking forward to next year but has some excellent insight into the three Summer of Golf winners as well as the comeback of Tiger Woods.
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